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 First place and defending the title for the futsal team of Bastan Tile 


 .workers Cup tournament of Maybod factorys with 12 teams was held in May first 

  Sixth Cup Futsal Championship of city workers of Maybod championship team with Bastan tiles gets finished 

The final match between the teams of the Bastan tile and Khayyam tile gets up 7 to 5 and the flagship of the tournament went to Bastan tile .with this champion bastan tile defended its title same as last year



Reporting  attendance of the first specialized exhibition of Islamic Republic of Iran in Russia - 2016


National Exhibition of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Russia, on 11 to 13 May  2016 was held in the exhibition center Expo Centre in Moscow. Topcer Holding introduced the quality and production capabilities, as Iran's largest ceramic tile manufacturer with production capacity of more than 40,000 square meters a year, attended the VIP hall of the exhibition to introduce products and its own production technology. 

Top Cer With his lifelong goal to increase global market share and connect with potential customers and to get familiarity with the tastes of the Russian market and identification of products required by customers in the country was present at the fair. 

Interdiction of the Company's capabilities, speech and performance records also hold several meetings with industrialists, importers and distributors of large ceramic tiles of Russia, was the Top Cer activities to participate in this exhibition

Opening Arg Tile Factory Company With Peresence Of Dr.jahangiri and staff in May 2015 

By the grace of God in regard to Hazrat valiasr , in the honorable era of the Islamic republic of Iran in 2012 Arg  arghavani tile company started its activity with the goal of producing 30 million (sqm) of tile and porcelain ceramics in 52 hectare with plan of producing floor and wall tiles.  

In this unit 300 staff work directly in 3 working shifts.

Main market targets of this group is the far east ,east , Persian gulf district and Europe and in this matter Good marketing research and market marketing on the products has been done.


The effective fallow up and activity and also correct and precise monitoring of the main managers of this group has resulted in the notable share in providing the needs of the domestic and overseas market and at present the first phase of this group with capacity of producing 8000.000 (sqm) per year of glazed floor porcelain is in start and opening.


This group with the goal of providing the domestic market need and providing porcelain tiles need and stopping of outgoing of currency in regard of importing was exploited in 2015 with the presence of First Deputy of the president, Dr.Jahangiri.



The second conference of Maybod scholars


The second conference of Maybod scholars with presence of successful figures of sun city was held

in Quran Science collage of Befrooye .the goal of this conference was identification of individuals ,

face to face link and getting help from scholars , managers and expert people to help progress the

city and the exchange of information and experience between them .

In addition with Maybod day, the second conference of Maybod scholars was held with presence of

Ayatollah Aerafi , members of Islamic consul of Maybod and other city Authorities .

This conference will end this evening by visiting the historical monuments and the opening of

Maybod scholars center.

Some of the scholars in this ceremony were : Mr.Kamal Firoozabadi(political and security assistant

of Governor of Fars),Second captain Fath o llah rahimian nadoshani (Commander of Jamaran Fleet

Destroyer),Dr. sayed abdolreza hosaini nasab (Presedent of Mashhad Hospital mosa ebn

jaffar),Mr.Hedayati (Advisor of Cultural minister of education), Sardar Sadeghi (armed forces setad

moshtarak )and Mr.Baghestani president of country's plant protection .

Mr. Morteza safdarizadeh manager of the the Top Cer Group , supporter of this conference ,

appreciated the holders of the conference and stated that communication is the requirement for

progression and evolvement in any society and the fact that an opportunity has been created for

unity and consultation between scholars in a city , is the strong point and outlook to the bright

future of Maybod city.



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